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Healthy Lifestyle program

Learn the tools for long-term weight management and a healthy lifestyle through the Healthy Lifestyle program at Aultman Orrville Sports & Wellness. During this 12-week wellness and food-based program, you receive weekly accountability, education and coaching that is focused on nutrition, exercise and behavior changes to help you reach your goals. 

Weekly one-on-one consultations with a team of health care professionals includes goal tracking and review, education and progress planning. 

This program also includes:

- Program manual and weekly education modules. 
- Free fitness/wellness center orientation and usage.
- Individual training sessions for additional weekly support (at member cost).
- Free group exercise classes. 

Upon completion of the Healthy Lifestyle program, you are eligible for "Healthier You" consultations as you progress towards maintaining your healthy lifestyle. 

Transformation X

Transformation X is a metabolic-focused program supporting body composition chance through a weekly group meeting and individual training session. 

Aultman Orrville's Healthy Lifestyle and Transformation X programs are located in the Aultman Orrville Sports & Wellness facility, located at 365 S. Crown Hill Road.

To learn more about Aultman Orrville's Healthy Lifestyle Program and how you can get started, call us at 330-684-4732.

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