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Serenity Program

 Anyone - at any time or anywhere can be impacted by violence. The Aultman Serenity program is here to help you or someone you love if they have been a victim of assault. 

The Serenity program ensures patients receive prompt treatment by nurses who have received specialized forensic training to care for individuals impacted by sexual or domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. This means better care for survivors in a confidential environment that is safe and compassionate. Our program is dedicated to increasing awareness through community outreach, collaboration with advocacy services and providing education opportunities to professionals and the community. 

Serenity nurses can care for patients over the age of 13 when it pertains to sexual assault. For patients 12 and under, the appropriate screening and referral options will be made to the Wayne County Child Advocacy Center. 

Serenity Nurses are available 24 hours a day. They provide one-on-one care for their patients at Aultman Orrville Hospital. 

Decisions to report to law enforcement are based on mandated reporting guidelines. All sexual assaults must be reported, and this can be done without revealing any identifying patient information. Mandated reporting laws for violence include any injury resulting from gunshot, stabbing, second or third degree burns or any serious injury as well as any attacks on children, elderly or disabled persons. 

Additional Resources


Compass Rape Crisis

Domestic Violence Project, Inc.
24-hour Crisis Hotline: 330-453-7233 (SAFE)

Ohio Crime Victim Justice Center

Ohio Victim of Crime Compensation Program

One-Eighty Domestic Violence Service and Rape Crisis

Rape Crisis Center for Medina and Summit Counties 

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

Wayne County Children’s Advocacy Center

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

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